Bill Redman appears to win Dem. nomination for St. Joseph Co. sheriff by 18 votes

There was a lot of competition to be the new St. Joseph County sheriff. The poll results were neck-and-neck, and it appears St. Joseph County Lieutenant Bill Redman narrowly won out in the end.

Those numbers are very close.

However, candidate Tim Corbett has not conceded. With 100 percent of precincts reporting he was just 18 votes behind Redman.

Redman told WSBT on Wednesday morning that he expects to hear later in the day a recount is happening.

This race is a perfect example that every vote matters.

Some say this race is too close for comfort.

But the st Joseph county clerk says there's no law in Indiana that automatically calls for a recount if the race is this close.

A party or candidate has to push for that.

Corbett says it's not over for him and he won't give up this easy.

Redman told WSBT he's prepared for a recount if that's what needs to happen, but he is going to start preparing for the fall election.

"We are always looking in advance to figure out what we are going to do next and it's just going to be to continue to work hard, spread our message to the community, let the people know what we are about and how we are going to make this a safer stronger community, and that's what we are going to continue to do," said Redman.

Lt. Redman says he's overwhelmed by the amount of support that he has received.

He says his efforts were grass roots.

And he was surrounded by his family and friends the entire time.

He says he's the youngest candidate and to have over 9,000 votes of confidence towards him shows that people believed in his campaign.

"It's a huge message to say that I am the right person to go move the department forward," Redman said. "I've got a lot of great ideas for the community and our children to make sure that we continue to make good choices for our young people and keeping our community safe."

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