Update: DNR and Elkhart Police investigating a 10-year-old's death at Ideal Beach

Ideal Beach, the scene of a drowning on Friday // WSBT 22 photo

An investigation is under way after a 10-year-old died at Ideal Beach in Elkhart.

Indiana's DNR says a second boy had to be rescued from the water Friday afternoon.

The facility closed after this incident.

The park and swimming area was closed most of the afternoon. But investigators were on scene interviewing staff to find out what happened.

First responders were called to Ideal Beach around 1 p.m.

"Lifeguards had pulled one 9 year old from the water and located a 10 year old and also pulled him from the water. Rushed them to the hospital here in Elkhart,” said Indiana conservation officer Jonathon Boyd.

The 9 year old is in fair condition at this time.

Unfortunately, 10-year-old Jamal Turpin died at Elkhart General Hospital.

Boyd says he was under water for some time.

"The other boy was missing and they searched for him using a human chain. They lock arms with other people at the beach and scan the bottom of the water. They located him. Pulled him up and rushed him to EMS that was already on scene,” said Boyd.

The director of Ideal Beach told WSBT 22 she wouldn't comment on what happened and referred questions to the mayor's office.

Boyd says it seems to be a case of weak swimmer.

"It just appears to be that some boys out swimming in the water and not swimmers and got themselves to the point where they were struggling. The one boy struggled and also caused the other boy that he was swimming with to struggle as well,” said Boyd.

Boyd wants to remind people of all ages to take safety precautions.

"If you're going to be out in the water or in the water, have that [life jacket] on. Even if you're added a guarded beach in an ideal situation,” said Boyd.

The 10 year old's death is under investigation by the DNR with help from Elkhart Police Department.

His autopsy is scheduled for Saturday morning.

A recording on the park's answering machine indicates the site won't re-open until Monday.

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