Charges filed against woman accused in Mishawaka boy's death

Briysom Councell // Photo provided

A local woman facing criminal charges in a deadly crash is now in jail.

Kayla Bennett, 22, is charged in the wreck that killed a little boy who was playing in his yard in Mishawaka.

Police say Bennett hit Briyson Councell back in June.

Investigators say she was pulling in from the back alley to park when she hit the boy.

Court documents say Bennett told police she had smoked marijuana the night before the accident, but denied smoking that day.

WSBT 22 spoke to Councell's family Thursday. They say they're hopeful after hearing about Bennett's arrest.

They say this is just the beginning in the road to justice. But are feeling hopeful for what's to come.

“He was just such a great little boy. He was always so sweet and caring and always doing the right thing and trying to get everybody else to do the right thing too. And he was just perfect,” said Brittany Councell, mother.

Family members remember Briyson. A 7-year-old boy whose life was taken too soon.

Thursday his parents are feeling a sigh of relief after hearing the woman prosecutors say is responsible for Briysons death is finally charged.

“I just have thought it was really unfair that she gets to be out walking free with her kid after she took mine from me,” said Brittany.

The probable cause affidavit shows Bennett had both active and inactive THC in her blood at the time of the incident.

“I think it's terrible she was impaired and would make the choice to not only drive impaired, but she had her child in the car she was driving impaired,” said Brittany.

Councell says Thursday marks a step in the right direction.

She hopes to see justice.

“I want her to feel some of the pain we have had to feel. She will never totally understand. She has shown no remorse for what she has done. She is still going back to the same place, parking in the exact same spot where she killed him at,” said Brittany.

Family Attorney Vince Campiti says he is hopeful that the Councell family will see something positive come out of this tragedy.

“The prosecutor's office has worked with the family and provided information and it's made an admirable choice to move forward with this prosecution and to make sure that justice is provided for Briyson and his family,” said Vince Campiti, family attorney.

“I love him and I miss him and we are always going to miss him no matter what,” said Brittany.

Bennet was booked into the county jail around 7 p.m. Thursday.

She's being held without bond until the next available bail hearing.

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