Victim and firefighter taken to hospital after Milton Township house explosion and fire

Injuries reported after house explosion and fire in Niles. // WSBT 22 photo

A Michigan couple is alive Tuesday after their house exploded and caught fire.

Fire crews are on scene of that fire along Bertrand Street in Milton Township.

Their granddaughter says they got out thanks to the help of a neighbor.

Firefighters still have that street blocked off to traffic.

WSBT 22’s Cassidy Williams could smell the smoke long before she got to the scene, but the fire chief says neighbors should not be concerned.

The streets are blocked off as a safety measure for firefighters as they work to figure what may have caused this.

Through the trees there was once a home. Firefighters put out the last hotspots.

Tiara Tedder's grandparents were inside when they heard the explosion and the house caught fire.

Tedder saw the flames when she got there.

“They were huge and the car was upfront and big sparks were flying everywhere black smoke. It was pretty scary,” said Tedder. “I thought I had just lost my grandparents."

But her grandparents made it out. Medics took her grandfather to the hospital for burns.

From the hospital, the grandmother told the Niles township fire chief that she believes the explosion came from the bathroom but had no idea what could have caused it.

A firefighter was also taken to the hospital with a knee injury.

Tedder is happy her grandparents are OK, but the says the home is a total loss.

"I grew up basically there. I was always there when I was a kid,” said Tedder.

The fire chief says he is hoping to bring out the state fire marshal tomorrow to try and determine what caused the fire.

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