UPDATE: State police investigating deadly officer-involved shooting in Knox

Indiana State Police investigating officer involved shooting in Knox.

"It was like a movie." That's how a witness described a deadly police-involved shooting in Starke County.

It happened early Wednesday morning at 9:22 a.m. in the 3100 block of S. U.S. 35 in Knox.

William Newman, 46, of Plymouth died in that shooting.

This all happened at a former furniture store, now a storage unit facility. The owner said Newman was a night watchman for his units. He said he was aware Newman had a prior record, but hired him anyway.

Knox City Police and Starke County Sheriff Deputies arrived at South US Highway 35 to serve a felony warrant. But within 7 minutes, police say Newman drove through a garage door, hit a police car and attempted to run over a police officer.

Mechanic Loyd Schmidt was across the street watching the whole thing.

"I see a guy going through the garage door, made a right turn right here and took off,” said Schmidt. “Got in a fight with cops with guns, and they were shooting at him. They ended up shooting him three times."

Police said officers fired their weapons at the vehicle and Newman. Police performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Newman later died at the hospital from his injuries. Schmidt says police even searched his current business near the shooting.

"I was in my garage and they come in 9 deep. They banged on my door, next thing you know I opened the door and they surrounded me, cops did. Pulled me outside, going through my building, it was crazy,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt says he knew Newman as a friend.

"Yeah, junk yards and places like that. He wasn't a bad guy, I didn't know what he did or anything like that. I had no idea he did anything wrong,” said Schmidt.

Police have not yet said why they were serving that warrant. Court records show that Newman has several misdemeanors and felonies in the past. A few of those include dealing marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance. Indiana State Police will take the investigation from here.

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