Police identify Indiana State trooper shot inside own home, 11-year-old son in custody

    Matt Makowski // Photo provided

    Attempted Murder. That’s the preliminary charge an 11-year-old boy faces after police say he shot his dad at their Granger home last night.

    The victim is Indiana State Trooper Matt Makowski.

    Last night wasn’t the first time police have been called to the home.

    St. Joseph County police tell us officers were called out to the home on Conover Drive just this past week for a welfare check.

    We don’t know any of the details surrounding that incident, but police were called to the home again at around 11 Thursday last night.

    They found Trooper Makowski with a gunshot wound to the pelvic area. He was rushed to the hospital and is now in “semi-stable” condition.

    Metro Homicide investigators spent nearly 12 hours on scene. They determined that Makowski’s 11-year-old son shot him.

    We don’t know what happened leading up to the shooting. A neighbor, who did not want to be identified — but is familiar with the family — says she has personally witnessed the boy hurt other children.

    “The behavior out of that child has escalated throughout the years. I personally have had issues with him and my child."

    She says the Department of Children Services created a “safety plan” for the boy after a serious fight this fall injured another neighborhood child.

    “I’ve seen how he can twist from being happy and playing like a team – a little baseball in the front yard to wanting to kill somebody and hit them and knock them to the ground bloody and bruised.”

    She says DCS' plan is not enough to keep everyone safe.

    “They’ve done all of the paperwork. They’ve done all of the safety plans. They’ve done all of the preaching. They’ve done all of the counseling. They’ve done this. They’ve done that. Nothing is working, so I beg for the prosecutors to actually get involved and get this under control before we are sitting in a bigger funeral.”

    We reached out to the Department of Child Services to confirm it is working with this boy, but it could not provide any comment.

    Horizon Elementary School — where the boy goes — sent out a letter to parents. It says, “a safe social-emotional learning environment is our top priority” and explained there are resources and a support system for students within the district.

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