UPDATE: Name of man hit, killed by train in Michigan City is released

A person is dead after Amtrak train hit his car Thursday in Michigan City. // WSBT 22

UPDATE: We've just learned 67-year-old William Wilkinson of Michigan City is the person who died yesterday when his car was struck at a railroad crossing by an Amtrak passenger train. Drugs and alcohol are not suspected, say police.

ORIGINAL STORY: A person is dead after Amtrak train hit his car Thursday in Michigan City.

This happened before 8 a.m. central just south of US 12.

Investigators told WSBT 22 the car was hit at the crossing near Tryon and Eastwood and it was pushed about 500 yards before it came to a stop.

The train was on its way from Grand Rapids to Chicago.

All 198 passengers and four crew members on board are safe.

In fact, one passenger told us that he didn't even know that the train hit anything. The train just slowed to a stop.

Passengers are now taking buses to Chicago.

Some are even getting ride-share services to get to the South Shore to get into Chicago.

Michigan City police say the accident happened at a train crossing that has lights, but does not have an arm that lowers when a train is coming.

"It is an accident at this time however at this point we can't give you any other details until we re-create a lot of this," said Sgt. Chris Yagelski, Michigan City Police Department.

Police have not yet released the name of the man who died in this accident.

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