Police investigating a death in Mishawaka

St. Joe Metro Homicide Unit investigates home on Bastogne Street in Mishawaka// WSBT 22

Police are still on the scene of a death investigation in Mishawaka.

It's at the 200 block of Bastogne Avenue.

Crews have been out there for hours. Metro Homicide leaders say this is a death investigation that began for them around 11 a.m.

Mishawaka police responded to call for "medical assistance" around 5 a.m.

Homicide officials say the circumstances led Mishawaka police to contact them.

Neighbors say it was around 5 a.m. when they started to notice police cars out on the street. They say this is a street where families live for decades and they are shocked by this investigation.

They say the police tape is not a usual sight in this Normain Heights neighborhood.

Metro Homicide unit says an autopsy is set for Tuesday morning in Fort Wayne.

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