President Trump's campaign rally moved to Elkhart

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, file)

President Donald Trump's campaign rally on Thursday May 10 has been moved to Elkhart, according to the press office of Donald Trump.

The rally was originally scheduled to be held in South Bend, but has been moved to North Side Middle School to accommodate more people.

It will be held in the North Side Gymnasium of the school.

The event starts at 7 p.m. and doors open at 4 p.m. for general admission.

Another change, Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to join the president for the rally, according to the press office of Donald Trump.

The new venue holds more than 7,000 people.

Marilyn Bishop lives in the neighborhood right next to North Side Gymnasium.

"I mean I can see my house over there, and he's going to be right here," said Bishop. "It's kind of exciting."

Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese found out about the visit Sunday Afternoon.

He says the Elkhart Police have already met with Secret Service.

Hosting presidents isn't new for Elkhart.

Barack Obama came twice.

He came once in 2009 when Elkhart had one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. He came back in 2016 to see Elkhart's recovery.

Neese is glad the new president will see the city has continued that trend with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the midwest.

"It was an opportunity where we turned a negative into a positive," said Neese. "I think this community is stronger and more positive than its ever been before."

Neese says Elkhart Police will also be prepared to handle any protests. He says it comes with hosting this kind of guest.

"That's part of being the president of the United States. This obviously is a free country, and people have the right to free speech. I think it's probably rare if not impossible that a president go anywhere when there's not protests. You can't please everybody," said Neese.

Neese hopes to attend the rally on Thursday. Marilyn Bishop hopes to as well.

She says regardless of politics, it's a good moment for Elkhart.

"I always look at us as little people, and they're big people," said Bishop. "It's kind of an honor to have him this close to us."

WSBT 22 has reached out to the Trump press office for clarification on how the changewill impact tickets.

Pete Seat with the Indiana State Republican Party says everyone who already signed up for tickets should have received an email about the location change.

Nothing in the email indicates a need to re-register.

The event was originally scheduled to be held in South Bend at Atlantic Aviation out by the airport.

A representative of Atlantic Aviation had no comment about no longer being the host site.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted about the change of location saying "Too bad- they'll miss the chance to see how South Bend is achieving an economic turnaround for working people without descending into the politics of exclusion."

Find more event information here.

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