UPDATE: Teenager in hospital after Cass County crash involving school bus

UPDATE: Car driver seriously injured in Cass County crash involving school bus. // WSBT 22

A teenager remains in the hospital Thursday after being involved in a crash involving a school bus.

Wednesday's snow led to some problems on the roads. Police responded to several accidents.

The most serious involved an Edwardsburg school bus. It happened at the intersection of Elkhart Road and Raymond Avenue in Cass County.

The roads were a factor in this crash. The crash happened right along the bridge.

On Wednesday night, it was hard to even tell where the road starts with all the snow.

Police say it was these snowy conditions that caused a car to run into a school bus.

The bus was traveling down Elkhart Road when the car coming down Raymond lost control on the snowy roads and hit the bus.

Seven kids on the bus and the bus driver were not hurt.

But the driver of the car was taken to Elkhart General hospital with serious injuries. She's only 16-years-old.

Neighbors WSBT 22 talked to say it sounded like a big boom.

One neighbor who called 911 says this crash is another reminder of how dangerous snowy roads can be.

"Especially right here at this little bridge, with the curve and everything. People, you can't stress it enough that they have to slow down. But nowadays everybody's just in a hurry, hurry mode. In weather like this you can't do that," said Alice Conley, neighbor.

Police say both drivers were wearing their seatbelts at the time.

Right now the only sign of the crash is a utility pole that is taped off as it was also hit.

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