Bristol company expands to meet demand for luxury portable bathrooms

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A Bristol company kicked off an expansion project today to meet the growing demand for the unique product it makes.

They are luxury portable bathrooms that are sold around the world.

Satellite Industries in Bristol broke ground to help it expand production: a new 114,000 square-foot production facility addition and a 5,500 square-foot, two-story office building.

It'll allow the company to build more luxury mobile restrooms, part of their specialty trailer division called 'satellites suites.’

“We make everything from the very basic, very utilitarian, made to go on commercial sites like oil fields,” said Charlie Senecal, V.P. of Satellite Suites “and then something that's made specifically to go to high-end events, like PGA events.

The units are made in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

Many are sold in the United States, while some are sold overseas in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

“It’s a market that is growing exponentially,” said Jon Babcok, President of Satellite Industries. “People want a nice, comfortable experience, so we are finding these at special event, venues, weddings, and even Hollywood sets where you have a very particular type of client.”

The company says most people in general don't even realize that a product like a luxury mobile restroom exists, but they added a lot of upgrades and amenities to make it stand out in the market.

”That’s a big reason why our market is growing so quickly,” said Senecal. “90 to 95% of Americans have never seen this type of product before, and all of a sudden they realize this type of equipment is out there.”

“It’s an interesting market in the U.S., where you've got a lot of applications for portable sanitation,” said Babcok. “This isn't something that you see in park or baseball fields necessarily, the traditional plastic box.”

The company says demand for the luxury mobile restrooms is increasing.

They are also now shipping them to South America.

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