Buchanan kids raise money for carbon monoxide detectors

Buchanan kids raise money for carbon monoxide detectors. // WSBT 22

They're making a difference one water jug at a time.

Three Buchanan siblings are using a personal experience to help prevent the same thing from happening to others.

This fundraiser has grown into a community-wide campaign.

What started as a fundraiser at school quickly spilled over into the community. Many local businesses decided to display their hand-made sign and collection jugs. All because they want to keep others safe from an invisible threat.

Walking into the Red Bud Hardware store in Buchanan, you may see a water jug with a purpose on the checkout counter.

The jug was created by two siblings who wanted to make a difference.

“Last Summer we had carbon monoxide poisoning in our house. First my sister woke up and she told my mom that she wasn't feeling too well," said Si Carlin, campaign manager.

Thankfully the family was able to get outside to safety. The family recently moved into a new home.

"It's certainly a mother's worst nightmare to have your baby unconscious and holding her out in the middle of the driveway at 6:30 in the morning," said Stacey Carlin, mom.

Si says the experience made him want to help others.

"We don't want any of this happening to other families. They could die and we don't want that to happen. So we just want to raise money so they don't have to suffer the same thing that we have," said Si.

Once their fundraiser reached the community, Katala made posters to stick with the water jugs and personal letter. Like the one at Redbud Hardware.

"It says ‘Catch you on the flipidy flop carbon monoxide.’ Someone gave us a lot of water jugs and then we just me and Si just put little stickers on them," said Katala Carlin, marketing manager.

Tracy Dippo, the hardware store owner says she couldn't say no to such a great cause.

"Such a personal story translated into a really neat idea and I love the fact that the kids are leading the charge and grateful that they are still with us and hope that we can help prevent that from happening to any other family," said Dippo.

They also had 150 carbon monoxide detectors donated to them by the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation out of LaPorte.

The kids will continue to take donations until December 31. They will purchase CO detectors with the money and give them away on January 6.

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