Business owners and campers both celebrating Memorial Day weekend together

Campers at Potato Creek State Park // WSBT 22 photo

For many, Memorial Day weekend is the symbolic start to summer and camping season.

Hundreds of people are already setting up their campers at Potato Creek State Park in St. Joseph County.

It's not just the campers who are excited for this weekend.

Just a few miles down the road, businesses in North Liberty are waiting doors open for the influx of people in their town. They say this weekend can be the make or break moment for their wallets.

Kick up your feet, relax and enjoy family. That's the plan for many as they file into Potato Creek State Park.

For some this is a family tradition.

“36-37 years people have been coming,” says camper Mary Iverson. “People are now coming from California, Florida, East Coast, Texas, Chicago area, Indiana. From all over.”

Mary Iverson and her family say they savor this moment celebrating the holiday together

"We have from 90 plus years old to 9 months old. So it's a wonderful time."

As campers sit around bonfires and even play a little music, business owners are hearing a little music of their own.

“Summer's thrive here,” said Cyndi Landis, Healthies smoothie shop owner. “This is our hot time for North Liberty for small businesses. That we make or break in the summer."

Healthies opened last July. Landis is hoping to see an increase of traffic flowing in her front doors for their first Memorial Day weekend.

She said has been non-stop.

“We anticipate it will continue to grow. That this weekend could be one of our record-breaking weekends.”

Just three doors down, The Speckled Fox is hoping for the same after opening this past winter.

Amanda Swanson is the manager. She says they have no idea what to expect for this weekend but are excited

“We're hoping a lot of people will get curious about the town and come to check us out. It'll bring more exposure to us."

Swanson says with just a Facebook page and a website in the works, this weekend could be the jump-starter they need.

“Constant walk-ins would be great. New faces, you know, spreading the word that we're here."

With more campers filling up the park as the night has progressed, many campers said they are looking forward to exploring the town.

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