Buster the Bus teaches students school bus safety


School bus safety is a huge priority of school systems. It covers things like getting on the bus, how to behave when you're on it, and getting off safely.

The challenge is how to get the safety message across to the youngest passengers.

Dozens of kindergarten students at Beardsley Elementary got a different type of teacher Tuesday morning.

Buster the Bus stopped by to talk about school bus safety. He talks with, interacts with, and teaches kids about all aspects of bus safety.

Michelle Ivey, a veteran bus driver, works with buster.

“We make it as real as possible because it is a real dangerous area around a real school bus and we try and drive that home to them, they're so little, and they're so new to schooling. That we want to make them safe every day on the school buses,” said Ivey.

Bus driver Todd Baugh says Buster is small for a reason.

“That's why we use the little bus, I mean it’s a cute thing and the kids associate with it and it does teach them about some of the most important safety rules of being on a big bus. And after we get done with the buster program inside, they come out and get on the big buses,” said Baugh.

As it’s set-up, the program is geared towards teaching bus safety to kindergarten students.

“You keep it high energy and you keep it fun and interesting,” said Ivey.

“I like the presentation, because, because I know my safety rules,” said Zanaiah Stacker.

“I like Buster the Bus and I learned safety rules. He teaches how to ride a bus,” said Christian Plaza.

For Buster, it’s all in day's work keeping them safe.

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