Campers at Mini-Mountain campground appalled at amount of garbage piling up

Photo provided

Campers at the Mini-Mountain campground are fed up with ownership.

They say the trash hasn't been picked up in over three weeks.

Residents also claim the gas bill hasn't been paid and two out of the three water wells are broken.

Campers say on-site management has tried to fix some of the problems with their own money.

The residents want to hold their annual children's Halloween party, but they're worried about the trash and the wildlife it attracts.

Campers say these issues only happened after a change in ownership.

“We never had issues before this, not with trash,” said Lisa Walters. Camper. “The wells were working, and now we have issues with two of the wells not working. There isn’t good water pressure here but we never had those issues prior to these owners.”

We have reached out to the owners multiple times for comment but they have yet to respond.

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