CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cars passing by South Bend buses three times in one week

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    A family says they see cars pass stopped school buses several times a week in their neighborhood.

    They say it's been happening all year and they have it on camera.

    Ryan Hodges and his wife have been asking for help after seeing cars race around their son's bus each morning.

    Their son attends South Bend schools.

    You can see the videos they recorded above.

    Lights on and horn blaring, the bus driver tries to stop people from passing as children get off. Ryan Hodges says it happens almost every day.

    “I’m scared and nervous,” said Hodges. “That’s my child getting on the bus.”

    His son Brendan will leave for the bus stop 10 minutes early so he can take his time crossing the road when it's safe.

    He's not allowed to cross the street alone, so neighbor Joel Hale makes sure he gets home safely if Hodges isn't there.

    But after the fatal accident near Rochester, Hale is fed up seeing it still happen.

    “It’s really frustrating,” said Hale. “After what happened a couple days ago with these other kids, it shouldn’t be happening.”

    He says he wants police to monitor the area before his kid gets hit.

    “We would like them to sit out here just one day, give us one day,” said Hodges. “It’s the same cars every day, so if they see one car getting pulled over or stopped because of it, then they won’t do it anymore.”

    Mishawaka Lieutenant Tim Williams says officers focused heavily on that street last year.

    “I personally went out there and made several traffic stops for that reason,” said Williams.

    He says it's tough to have an officer at each bus stop but says if parents notice a problem, call!

    “It’s very important to know what time that bus gets there, so we can try to get an officer there,” said Williams.

    Williams says most the time it's people driving distracted.

    Hodges doesn't care what their excuse is, he wants it to stop.

    “It’s common sense,” said Hodges. “If the lights are on the bus stop! Spare two minutes of your time instead of ending somebody’s life.”

    Hodges says it's worse in the morning.

    Lt. Williams says running past a school bus needs to become socially unacceptable -- and there's no excuse for not knowing the law.

    We did reach out to South Bend schools. A spokesperson says not all buses have stop arm cameras to catch drivers who pass the buses, but they are working to equip each bus.

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