Children's author speaks to Elkhart students about bullying

A speaker talked to Elkhart Community Schools students about bullying. // WBST 22 photo

Some Elkhart students are studying bullying this week.

Noted author Trudy Ludwig has written several books on the subject and will speak to parents Wednesday night.

She says in her younger years she was a bully.

Wednesday morning, some students at Beardsley Elementary had a lively discussion about bullying with guest speaker Ludwig.

She explained how harmful it can be, how to stop it, and how to try to rationally deal with a bully.

In her younger years, she says she was a bully.

Those experiences have helped her develop strategies to fight the problem early on.

“What the research is showing, that bullying is evident as early as preschool,” said Ludwig. “A classic example would be ‘if you don't let me play with that toy I won't invite you to my birthday party’," she explained.

Ludwig has written a number of children’s books that deal with ways to help kids identify, prevent and overcome bullying.

"My motivation for writing these stories is I feel strongly that if we can address this issue, to help kids understand what makes friendships, healthy friendships, then it won't be as big of an issue later in life,” Ludwig said.

The students were familiar with some of the topics discussed, some were new, some make them think. It included tools and suggestions they could use in their daily lives.

"When someone says something mean to you, you have different tools to help you not get back at them, but like help you not feel bad when the say it,” said fifth grader, Nissy Alvarez-Chavez.

“If you encounter a bully, you can ask why, render them speechless or turn their insult into an agreement or a compliment,” said sixth grader, Katelyn Judson.

“If you get bullied you got to walk away, because it can make you sad, can make you sad and be mad,” said fifth grader, Triton Harris.

Ludwig gave her presentation to parents at the Elkhart Library.

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