City of Mishawaka planning to build a fitness court along the riverwalk

City of Mishawaka plans Fitness Court// WSBT 22

The City of Mishawaka is planning big things for the Summer.

Mishawaka Parks has 36 special events this year-- 18 of which are brand new.

Central Park is known for its splash pads and playgrounds, but now Mishawaka is hoping to get the adults more involved.

By this Summer, a patch of grass near the Riverwalk will become a fitness court.

"We're kind of in the stage right now of re-inventing ourselves and really trying to engage with the community,” said Mishawaka Parks Superintendent, Phil Blasko.

That means having something for everyone.

The Riverwalk is a popular location and will become a spot where you can get a full body workout.

The city is launching its first Patronicity campaign, which is sort of like a GoFundMe for community projects.

If the city can raise $35,000 a Fitness Court will be built along the river near the playgrounds.

"The fitness court will allow anybody, residents or non-residents, to get a free workout on the Riverwalk as they're out there walking along the Riverwalk on a daily basis as they do now,” said Blasko.

The National Fitness Campaign's fitness court has 28 stations targeting all parts of the body. An app on your phone coaches you through the course.

With a goal of opening in 2018, it's just another way the city is using the year to make the community more active.

"I think it's a great outlet for the community and families. You talk about building a healthy family and really the parks allow you to have fun as a family,” Blasko said.

The fundraising for the fitness court will begin at the end of this month and they hope to break ground by this Spring.

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