City urges community to help manage Wikipedia pages


The City of South Bend needs your help. It's trying to improve South Bend's appeal online but the city can't do it alone.

There was a special event Tuesday night called a Wikipedia edit-a-thon. People learned how to make changes to Wikipedia pages that are South Bend related.

The City of South Bend already has a pretty popular Wikipedia page. Keeping it updated and accurate isn't always easy though.

Kathleen Ryan with enFocus says, "Organizations are not able to update their own pages. They're not able to add content. individuals associated with those organizations are not allowed to touch those pages."

So, that's why the city needs people in the community to learn how to edit Wikipedia pages. You can change something if it's not right or add something that may be missing.

Ryan says, "We also need more information on things like the neighborhoods in South Bend. The different festivals and events held throughout the year. The city infrastructure."

It doesn't just have to be for the city. It took awhile before someone changed the South Bend Silver Hawks to the Cubs. The city believes having the best information available online will help with tourism and business growth among other things.

Lucy MacFarlane works for the city's Dept. of Innovation.

She says, "Especially on a game weekend or something like that. They may be able to access valuable resources they need quickly. So, a Wikipedia page can do that."

If you want to know how to edit a Wikipedia page there are several tutorials online. Plus, Wikipedia offers a virtual editor. The plan moving forward is to hold more of the edit-a-thons.,_Indiana

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