Red Ribbon baskets: Clock is ticking for Elkhart families in need

Clock is ticking for Elkhart families in need. // WSBT 22

The Salvation Army in Elkhart needs your help to make sure families get items they need for the holidays.

Red Ribbon baskets is a community-driven campaign. There are a lot of baskets to fill. The deadline is one week from Wednesday.

Next Wednesday is the last day people can submit their baskets for families in need.

The Salvation Army says it has 127 baskets that are still empty.

The Red Ribbon baskets usually include things like house cleaners, such as bleach and laundry detergent. They also include things like toothpaste, bandages and wash cloths.

The Director of Social Services says each year families look forward to those baskets, but if they're not filled by volunteer donations, the money to do that will have to come out of other services offered during the winter.

“When they sign up, the biggest thing they ask is ‘Are they going to get a basket this year?’ Whatever basket they get, they are just thrilled with,” said Julie Poertner, director of social service.

"If these 127 baskets are not filled by those in the community, since the Salvation Army has already promised these 127 families that they are receiving these baskets, we will have to go out and the financial burden to fill these baskets will be on us," said Lieutenant Shawn Debaar, Salvation Army.

Baskets need to be delivered early next week at the National Guard Armory in Elkhart.

Red Ribbon baskets will be distributed on December 15.

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