Day 3: Former Benton Harbor superintendent trial goes to jury

Leonard Seawood// WSBT 22

Jurors will resume their deliberations Friday morning in the case against a former Benton Harbor school superintendent.

Leonard Seawood faces charges of embezzlement and obtaining money under false pretenses.

The prosecutor says he sold back more vacation time than he was allowed for more than $46,000.

The defense says Seawood was aware of his contract's vacation policies, but they weren't on his mind when he went to sell back vacation time.

The prosecution says as a man with a lot of experience in education administration, there was no way Seawood didn't know the details of his contract.

“Rules are there for a reason. Rules are there so all parties know what to expect, so all parties can play fairly but, after he agreed to these rules, he chucked them right out the door,” said Prosecutor Amy Byrd.

After several hours of deliberation Thursday afternoon, the jury came back to the courtroom to ask questions and review some testimony.

WSBT 22's Katlin Connin was following this trial Thursday. She was tweeting updates from the courtroom. You can find the tweets here.

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