Cold weather impacts South Bend trash services

Cold weather impacts South Bend trash services. // WSBT 22

Have you noticed your trash pickup is late?

For many it's because the cold is affecting the trucks.

In South Bend, maintaining the fleet of 22 trucks is important.

Leaders say drivers get in about 30 minutes early to check batteries and warm up the hydraulics.

South Bend is different than many waste companies. It has moved most of its trucks from diesel fuel to compressed natural gas.

Sometimes when temperatures drop, diesel fuel will actually gel.

CNG doesn't, but the weather can still slow them down.

"Breakdowns happen, cold weather can affect the trucks and they break down a little more often. Just give the drivers time to get to the routes. If you haven't been picked up that day, then call in but don't try and call in earlier than that," said Mike Bronstetter, director of solid waste operations, South Bend.

He says be patient with your trash pickup company. Everyone is dealing with the cold weather.

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