Community gathers Friday to discuss the next four years in 'People's Inauguration'

In response to the presidential inauguration on Friday, some of our local community is getting together in an event called the “People's Inauguration: Voices for justice and Inclusion.” The whole event is aimed at promoting unity. Organizers hope this event starts a ripple effect for groups who are concerned about the president-elect’s administration.

"This is about recognizing and sharing common humanity, of course I'm going to be passionate about it,” says curator at the Civil Rights Community Center, George Garner.

On the same day a new commander-in-chief heads to the White House, groups of community members are heading to the Civil Rights Community Center.

"And at least articulate up to this point what has raised concern among groups that are historically vulnerable. And issues that people care about like the environment, so that different voices can be heard, countering we've heard up to this point,” says Derryl Heller with the Civil Rights Heritage Center.

Diverse groups like the Islamic Society of Michiana, LGBTQ Center, and the Latino community are coming together to start a dialogue about their concerns. Then they’ll discuss action that can be taken to move forward.

"Concrete steps that people can take to build firewalls so that if there is any negative or backwards moving policies, we're prepared for them. So we're not just being active, but proactive and are pushing forward a progressive and inclusive agenda,” Heller added.

Organizers say this will mark a renewed commitment to social change in our community, and hopefully create a ripple effect.

"We have to keep our eyes on what's happening here and what's happening across the country and around the world."

To discuss the next four years.

"There are things that everybody can do to pick up a hand to lend a voice and make sure we get to work and do the things we need to do over the next four years,” says Garner.

This event is fully a public event, open to all. It starts Friday at the Civil Rights Heritage Center with a press conference at noon, with breakout sessions later in the afternoon.

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