Community supports family after home, 2 pets lost in Michigan fire

Community supports family after home, 2 pets lost in Michigan fire. // WSBT 22

A local family is trying to recover after a fire burned down their house Wednesday.

They weren't home when the fire started, but they've lost everything, including two of their pets.

Investigators say the fire may have started from a wood stove or may have been an electrical fire.

The fire was spotted by a neighbor driving by. It took more than an hour and a half for the fire department to put out the flames.

WSBT 22 spoke with the family's daughter, who says the house in Jones, Michigan has been a center for the family for generations.

A home, where children were raised, memories made and laughs heard. Now with just one wall left standing, it wasn't just Robert and Susanne Niswander's home that burned down.

"I have sixteen cousins. So all of those kids have been in there. My aunts and uncles have been there. My grandparents, my parents, my kids,” said Emily Niswander.

Not only is she losing the home of her childhood memories, but the fire also clouded her future.

"It's the worst thing. I mean we were going to move in there this March once our lease was up here. And losing everything in there, all my parents’ belongings. I had stuff there, pictures, everything. It's just heartbreaking," said Emily.

As the family takes the first steps to rebuild their lives, Emily says others have helped, offering clothes, blankets and other goods.

"I'm really thankful for especially the people around here that they don't know them. It's 25 minutes away and the support from the community means everything to me and my family," said Emily.

The family is looking to try and rebuild on the property.

Her parents are currently staying with family members while they search for a place to rent.

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