CRIME WATCH: String of armed robberies have been reported in South Bend

An increased awareness from neighbors on South Bend's east side, after a string of reported armed robberies.

Police say victims report seeing a weapon.

In several incidents police say people saw men with a handgun.

Some neighbors tell me they're being more aware of all that's going on their street.

The home Alana Elias works hard to keep clean is just steps from the street in Twyckenham Hills, where police say a woman was robbed at gunpoint.

"I was a little surprised. I didn't expect it of this neighborhood to hear that. We haven't experienced anything like that before,” said Elias.

It happened Wednesday night around nine.

Police say a woman walking and talking on a cell phone at the corner of Ridgedale and was approached by two men.

"They approached her, demanded money in a very vulgar way, using some swear words at her and very threatening. It startled her. She threw her phone down, fell to the ground," said Ken Garcia, spokesperson for the South Bend Police.

The men got away with the woman's cell phone.

Police say it happened several times on the east side throughout the night, a person with a cell phone stripped of their property after seeing a gun.

“And so we're trying to figure out if whether not they're connected. In situations where cell phones were taken,” said Garcia.

Elias remembers seeing the police lights last night.

She says it's not the first time her street has had unwanted company.

Things have come up missing in cars.

"It's a little disconcerting. We take more pains to lock our doors where we wouldn't have in the past,” said Elias.

Garcia says whether traveling by wheels or by walking, it's a good idea to keep your eyes looking up and not on your phone.

"When you're talking on your phone you're focused on that conversation of if you're texting or playing a game, just being aware of what's around you,” said Garcia.

Garcia told WSBT police will use some of their technology to try to locate the phones.

If they're recovered, they'll be returned to those owners.

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