Culver opening new amphitheater on East Lakeshore Drive

Culver opening new amphitheater on East Lakeshore Drive. // WSBT 22

Culver is expanding its appreciation of the arts and opening a new amphitheater on East Lakeshore Drive Thursday.

The Damore amphitheater will help audience members get a front row seat to a concert and a view of Lake Maxinkuckee.

A lot of events held in Culver will benefit from this amphitheater.

The Damore amphitheater is estimated to hold more than 200 people.

This will be the first time in years that people don't have to travel to Plymouth for an outdoor concert.

The community is really thankful it has a venue like this right in its backyard.

Listening to live music as you sit by the lake sounds like a perfect summer day.

The Culver town manager says he hopes people will appreciate the new amphitheater as much as they appreciate the beach.

"People are always looking for an excuse to come out here and sit by the lake. So the chance to have a beautiful venue like this and have some arts programming take place in it seemed like a great fit,” said Jonathan Leist, town manager.

Culver received grant money and also raised funds for this project.

"We had to pledge to raise $30,000 locally and they would match it with 30,000. So we had a 30-day period where we ended up raising over $45,000," said Leist.

The Damore Amphitheater will host concerts, shows and presentations.

The town hopes to raise interest in the arts throughout the community.

"We hope to increase our music acts for my generation. Music is a driving force and we're hoping that this venue will allow us to have bigger and better acts," said Trent Bennett, president of Lakefest.

Culver is home to an event called Lakefest that happens every July.

It features music, food and carnival rides.

The concerts for this festival will now be held in the new amphitheater.

“It’ll be a lot safer for our acts. They'll actually be down on the ground with a lake backdrop so we are excited,” said Leist.

The city is excited to utilize this space during the summer months.

"I'm so impressed with how well it fits with the grounds and the building. We have we only have five acres on the park and we always look at it like this is the community's lakefront. We all are very passionate about these five acres and want to make sure, you know that we are maximizing every inch," said Leist.

Culver broke ground on this project starting in April.

They are ready to open Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

This will be on East Lakeshore Drive and will feature a performance by the Kevin McDaniels Band.

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