Decision expected soon in hearing over Granger vet abuse claims

We're getting closer to a decision in the case of a St. Joseph County veterinarian.

Dr. Jennifer Perusek is accused of animal abuse and fraud. She owned the Animal Clinic of Granger.

Perusek has been answering question from the state Board of Animal Health in Indianapolis for hours now, and she has denied the claims of animal abuse against her.

She says being a vet is her calling and first love, and she was shocked when the allegations came out.

Many of the claims in the Attorney General's investigation revolved around using shock collars on animals. She says they used bark collars for a little while, but the shock was never turned on – only the vibration function.

She also denies ever charging clients for more services than they received.

"There have been allegations against you about tying an animal using a slip lead to tie an animal to something so tightly that the animal could not move,” said Perusek’s attorney. “Have you ever done that?”

Perusek answered “No.”

Her attorney then said, “There's been testimony in this case that you used a slip lead to tie an animal to something so that an animal couldn't change its position. Have you ever done that?”

Perusek answered “No.”

Right now the state is getting the chance to cross examine Perusek.

WSBT 22’s Jessi Schultz is at the hearing. She’ll provide more updates online and on the air.

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