Elkhart Central students express creativity using school parking lot

Elkhart Central students paint parking spaces// WSBT 22

Some high school students in Elkhart recently had a chance to show off their artistic skills.

Their canvas turned out to be a parking space at school..

Each year, juniors and seniors at Elkhart Central who drive can buy a personal parking space for $30 for the school year.

If they would like, they can paint it with the design or picture of their choice.

In all, it take them two to three weeks to paint over the design from the previous year, come up with a new one and take time to paint it.

"It’s more time consuming than they think it is. They come in and paint their spot, sometimes the whole family comes in to paint the spot, so it’s just a good activity and it gives the kids a little bit of recognition,” said Vice Principal, Kelly Berheide.

The school has to sign-off and approve each design for each individual parking space. However, the student is given the latitude to come up with the idea, the look, and the colors that will go in it.

“My design was a sun and I’m just really into like the sun look. Like I thought it would be cool looking at everyone else’s, they’re different and different colors, different designs, everyone can really just do their own things, I just think it is a really cool opportunity,” said senior, Katey Gaff.

Senior Ryan Pairitz opted to do one advertising his graphic design business.

“I tend to resort to more classical music and R&B, and 50's rock, and country so I figured I would go retro with my advertisement,” he said.

The only downside is they have to drive over their works of art.

The money paid by students to paint their parking spot actually goes back to students. It pays for various student rewards throughout the school year.

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