Elkhart City Council postpones decisions on Tolson Center improvements


The future of the Tolsen Center in Elkhart remains a question.

The city council is considering a request to fund the center for the rest of the year and add new positions.

That request was made by the group created after council members wanted to look at how the center functions.

After six months of planning, Tolson Center Committee members are waiting to see if their funding request will be accepted by the Elkhart City Council.

β€œTo ask for somewhere in the neighborhood of $230,000 to finish out the year and to have that $500,000 to come into the 2019 budget,” said Dannell Brown.

The city council delayed action on the requests Monday pushing all three Tolson Center ordinances to the finance committee, including the funding for the center and additional positions.

"An executive director and a program coordinator and four other full time individuals who would specialize in that which they do. We believe that would better result in programming for the children,” said Brown.

Council members did not say when the finance committee will take action on those requests.

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