Elkhart Community Schools host teacher orientation


Students are getting ready to go back to school.

But right now, it's the teachers who are the students in Elkhart. 41 new teachers are going through an orientation program.

Like many neighboring districts, the Elkhart school system is doing what it can to attract and retain teachers.

“You do have to become competitive. For us right now, it’s probably not just salary, probably health insurance, trying to get a handle on that, that's a goal for our school board in terms of this year and next year,” said Superintendent, Rob Haworth.

He says the school system is in a situation where it has been the past couple of years with staffing.

“There are probably a few shortage areas in math and science where we're still looking to try and pick up a few staff members. We find ourselves in a position to where we are still scrutinizing positions,” said Haworth.

He says that includes figuring out the total number of kindergarten teachers the district will need.

Some of the teachers taking part are new to the profession, while some have taught in other districts. It’s a job they say that can have its challenges, but definitely has its rewards

“I love to teach children to be creative and to think outside of the box and be problem solvers. I like for them to be in an environment where they feel safe to take risks and that its okay to make mistakes,” said First Grade Teacher, Shannon Stanley.

“Teaching is just my calling, my passion, so no matter what the pay is I’m showing up for the kids. So I am happy to be here,” said First Grade Teacher, Kate Macfarlane.

Elkhart schools begin classes August 17.

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