Elkhart company gears up production on RV that's small enough to be pulled by a bicycle

An Elkhart company is gearing up production on an RV that's small enough it can be pulled by a bicycle. // WSBT 22

There's a new, locally-made RV soon to hit the market.

While it is a towable, which means it can be pulled behind a vehicle, this one is small and light enough it can be pulled by a bicycle.

It’s been two years in the making, but an Elkhart company is gearing up production on an RV that's small enough it can be pulled by a bicycle.

Bike Stream RV says the bike-towable RV is large enough to hold one person plus some gear.

“Just like traditional hard sided RV is a step up from pop-up campers, let’s say these are as step up from a pop tent and about the same amount of space inside that you are up off the ground,” said Scott Shultz, Bike Stream RV.

It weighs in at about 70 pounds.

“It has all of the things you would find in a traditional RV. It’s got a water supply. It’s got a sink. It’s got a bed. It’s got storage cabinets to keep you gear in, a sky light, ventilation, no air conditioning, no washer and dryer, no toilet,” said Shultz.

He says they're not for everyone, but adds that if you like to ride a bike, like the great outdoors and like to commune with nature, this could be something you might want to think about.

The only trade off with it, you won't be able to bring as much stuff with you.

“You have to limit what you put inside it and so I like to think of it as minimalist camping. You don't want to take anything that you don't need and you want to take everything that you will need,” said Shultz.

He says the line of units will be officially introduced later this month.

“We're very proud that we're going to take part in the Elkhart open house this year. We are going to start introducing this to the public and to the dealers staring here on the 24th of August,” said Shultz.

Schultz feels it’s a idea that will definitely catch on.

Schultz hasn't set the cost yet. He's still factoring all that together.

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