Carved phone cases from Elkhart can help save children from sex trafficking

An Elkhart company is teaming up with a non-profit group to fight child sex trafficking. // WSBT 22 Photo

An Elkhart company is teaming up with a non-profit group to fight child sex trafficking.

It's holding a fundraiser to help spread awareness of a global problem in our back yard.

This week, the company Carved kicked off the fundraiser. It will benefit the non-profit Christian group, Destiny Rescue. They're dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade.

Carved hopes to raise $6,000 over seven days through the online sale of two different designs of their custom made wooden phone cases and a fully flexible wooden wallet.

“Partnering with Destiny Rescue gives us an extreme sense of value and purpose, that we are working in a company that has strong beliefs and values that can make a greater difference. This is a growing problem around the world. It doesn't need to be,” said Alex Gorsuch of Carved.

The local office of Destiny Rescue is very appreciative.

“It’s always amazing when someone from the community captures a vision to partner with us and then they can utilize their skills and their passions to raise funds, to rescue kids, you know out of these horrific situations,” said Joe Mann of Destiny Rescue.

Sadly, it is a growing problem that can be found in all parts of the globe and even here in the United States. You may be surprised to learn it is happening here, right in our back yard.

“It’s a growing industry in South Bend, Elkhart, any place where there is prostitution, drug addiction,” said Mann.

Employees at Carved are glad to help rescue children out of sex slavery using their skills and talents for the fundraiser.

“John Weber said something profound that is ‘Life's not about profit. It’s about what you do with what you have,'” said Gorsuch.

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