Elkhart County intersection causing major headaches for drivers


A one-car crash over the weekend has really messed up traffic at a busy Elkhart County intersection.

One of the traffic signals at County Road 20, or Mishawaka Road, and County Road 9 was knocked down in the wreck.

Without that light, the busy crossing has turned into a four-way stop. That has caused major traffic delays.

Neighbor Jessica Williams sees the backup, first hand.

“The traffic was backed up all the way to almost Oakland Avenue and it becomes very bothersome when you are trying to get through area that doesn't have a red light,” Williams said.

“I think it’s going to be hectic, and there's a lot of traffic that comes through here and I don't think it’s going to be a good thing. It’s going to make commutes very slow and it’s going to take people a lot longer to get home,” said Steven Briscoe.

The county is well aware the traffic lights are out and they've begun work to help replace it and put in a new one, but it could take a little while. The county itself does not have the expertise or ability to replace it.

“In this circumstance, we always call a contractor to do this specialized work and there's about two contractors in the area, all both of which are extremely covered up with work right now, so we are not sure how soon they can get to it,” said County Commissioner, Mike Yoder.

Getting some of the equipment is another thing.

“The second hold up will be the ordering of the pole, just takes a little time, to get that kind of specialized pole,” said Yoder.

He says it could be two to three weeks before the repair could be completed.

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