Elkhart County leaders say roadside trash is getting out of hand

Elkhart County leaders say roadside trash is getting out of hand. // WSBT 22 photo

This is a problem Elkhart County leaders say is getting out of hand.

They're seeing more roadside trash and they're looking at ways to fix it.

The problem becomes pretty noticeable along the U.S. 20 Bypass and County Road 17.

All kinds of trash are along the roadway.

Beth and Kurt Bullard say it’s getting out of hand along State Road 15 and State Road 19 as well. They believe it's coming from several sources, including semis and trash trucks.

“Light and heavy truck travel, that's where you will see the most trash. The plastic flies off, the trash flies off, the bindings fly off, the styrofoam flies off. There's just got to be some kind of accountability,” said Beth.

“It's one of the worst years I can ever remember to where you can go down any road in Elkhart County. I mean if you are observant, aware of it. There's trash everywhere,” said Kurt.

The county says it's well aware of the growing problem with littering and has heard from a number of property owners and concerned citizens about how and why this is happening and what steps could be taken to put a stop to it.

The county is looking into ways to help curb roadside trash.

“We are going to review the littering laws that we have in place right now and see how those apply to this situation. Is there an avenue for us to ramp up enforcement? We will be looking at a variety of things. It is going to take some sort of financial incentive to encourage different behavior,” said County Commissioner Mike Yoder.

“There's just got to be some kind of accountability somewhere and who's it going to be? I just think it's a huge issue that has to be talked about and discussed and something done,” said Beth.

Yoder said county commissioners will be talking with the county landfill to see if operators can offer user incentives to help reduce the amount of roadside trash.

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