Elkhart County preparing for election night

We're 88 days away from November's big election and local election boards are already gearing up.

The Elkhart County Elections Board met Thursday to go over staffing and other logistics for election season.

The county elections board says more than 500 workers will be on staff.

Early voting begins on October 12th at four locations.

Those will be open Monday through Friday.

Election officials expect there to be a high voter turnout.

"I think our biggest challenges are going to be, number one, having our staff close down the vote centers quickly because I know a lot of folks are sitting at home and watching the news and want those live updates, which, it is important that if you want things done right, we want to take our time and make sure," said Angie Troyer with Elkhart County Voter Outreach.

They're encouraging people to mail in their ballots prior to Election Day.

"The biggest thing you can do to help us out on election night is to make sure you're registered properly. If we don't have any of those type of questions to deal with, we can work on getting results processed faster,” said Troyer.

This is the first presidential election voters in Elkhart will use electronic polling.

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