Elkhart program lets children drop off letters to Santa using special holiday mailboxes

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It's a rite of passage for kids this time of year: writing to Santa with their Christmas wish list!

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where to mail that special letter. We looked into a new program in Elkhart that's taking care of all of that.

Every year, youngsters write letters to Santa to give him an idea of what they would like for Christmas.

The big question for many is where can it be mailed to make sure he gets it.

With that in mind, the Elkhart Education Foundation -- with the help of Premiere Arts -- put up 20 specially-decorated mailboxes downtown.

"One of the ways we did that was to create these North Pole express letters to Santa mailboxes,” said Ashley Molyneaux, Elkhart Education Foundation. “We have to make sure that we thank Premiere Arts for actually building the mailboxes for us -- their elves delivered them all downtown."

Youngsters have until December 10 to drop off their letters.

The letters should include a home address for Santa to send back a reply.

“They will receive a personalized reply from some of our elves at Elkhart Central High School,” said Molyneaux. “National honor society is going to help us get those delivered."

The Pilot Program benefits many around the community, whether it’s parents, kids or local businesses.

It is a simple way to spread Christmas cheer and make sure that the letters to Santa get to where they’re supposed to go.

"The Merchants Alliance has been an incredible partner in this because they have to open their doors in order to let kids in to make this happen,” said Molyneaux.

It includes businesses like Bella's Boutique.

"We're super excited to be at Bella's Boutique to have the kids come in and drop their cards off to Santa Claus and really happy to be a part of downtown Elkhart in the Christmas holidays,” said Chrissie Kriel, Bella’s Boutique. “We love partnering up with the other merchants in bringing back Christmas spirit."

Here’s a full list of locations for Santa mailboxes:

Bella’s Boutique

Mayor’s office/City Hall

Parks Department and NIBCO

Elkhart Public Library


Seifert’s Drugs

523 Tap and Grill

Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

The Lerner Theater

Elkhart Police Department

Elkhart Fire Department

Hopmans Jewelers

The Electric Brew

Boling Vision Center

B on the River

Star Tire & Brake


Midwest Museum of Art

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