Elkhart school bus drivers prepare for the first day of school


Wednesday morning, Elkhart school bus drivers were making thorough inspections of their buses, going over their routes and identifying their passengers.

But they're also preparing for the possibility that someone will drive around their stopped bus.

From the bus driver's seat, a veteran driver shares what they've seen other drivers doing.

“I've experienced texting while driving, been run off the road by texting and driving, it’s very important that people understand what we're doing,” said Jenny Stace.

“I am very confident in the abilities for our drivers, we just need everyone to slow down, pay attention, tomorrow is the first day of school, kids are coming back,” said Transportation Director, Henry Lohmeyer.

Keeping safety in mind-- there will be a marked presence at all schools in the district Thursday to enforce rules and regulations, laws regarding drivers, pedestrians and buses.

“We will increase our patrol efforts around the schools, as we do every year. One of the big things that we do is each one of our day shift officers is assigned a school and school zone. Making sure that everything is safe, again kind of focusing on the bus safety,” said Sgt. Chris Snyder.

Police will also be keeping an eye on traffic for crossing guards, as well as, walking students and writing citations when necessary.

“You always have that group of individuals that tend to be in a hurry, take you time folks, it saves a life,” said Stace.

All 108 Elkhart Community School bus routes have drivers. The district is looking for more backup drivers.

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