Elkhart school system wants student iPads for classroom and at home

The Elkhart school system wants to provide the latest technology to all its students by 2020. // WSBT 22

The Elkhart school system wants to provide the latest technology to all its students by 2020.

Its "One-to-One" initiative aims to provide every student with an iPad for use in the classroom and at home.

The goal is to eventually have one in the hands of every student in the Elkhart school system.

A professional development day saw secondary teachers in a workshop on how to use the technology and engage students to use them.

“What we want is a personal learning device for each kid that can become a media creation tool, a creativity tool, and access to sort of the world of information outside of the building,” said Wes Molyneaux, technology director for Elkhart schools.

Efforts to put them in the elementary schools have already started.

The goal, to have all elementary students using them by the end of 2019. Secondary schools are in the works as well.

Pierre Moran Middle School received a grant last year, so they have had “One-to-One” this entire year already, and then west side and northside middle schools will be going gone to one during the end of January first, week of February next school year,” said Molyneaux.

Starting next fall, every student at central and memorial high schools will receive them as well.

Teachers taking part in the workshop say this is the future of education, whether in the Elkhart school system or around the country and that students as well as teachers need to know all of the capabilities of this system.

“We need to know how to use the program, how to use the iPads, what they are capable of. So our students who may know more than us, we've got to stay ahead of them, so we can challenge them more with the technology that we have in our hands,” said Deb Gilles.

Technology is the way of the future. For a school not to pursue technology and integrate it into the curriculum is going to do the students a dis-service. We are trying to do is to stay a head of the curve,” said Lindsey Cox, teacher at Westside Middle School.

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