Elkhart schools educate students on the Holocaust

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Elkhart Schools focus on teaching students about the life of Anne Frank.

She was the German teenager who kept a diary of her life during World War II.

The program uses a series of 32 panels to tell the story of Anne Frank.

She wrote her diary, went in hiding with her family, and later died in a concentration camp at age 15.

Moderators talked with students along the way to get their take on her life, and what they take away from the horror of life under Nazi rule during World War II.

"It inspires students to consider the past, the present, and come up with real thought about what it means to be a responsible citizen," said Program Organizer Tessa Sutton.

Mary Yoder Holsopple runs the anti-bullying program for the Elkhart school system.

"There are a lot of connections between what I do everyday, in terms of teaching students the importance of it matters how we treat people, and what happened to the Jews during the holocaust," Hopsopple said.

Among other things, the program draws a parallel between the past and the present by getting students to think about the horrors, that Anne Frank and millions of Jews faced, at the hands of the Nazi's and what's going on in the world now.

It also stressed how one man, Adolph Hitler, was responsible for doing so many bad things.

"It impacted me like you thinking about how one person impacted anne's family and about six million other people. Like she was my age," said Ninth Grader Kaitlin Presswood.

"Things really havent changed from the past, there are certain events in our history that has been repeating itself, but there are people that are trying to make changes to it, so it does not lead to another holocaust," said Tenth Grader Kasey Sangster.

The exhibition will be on display at Elkhart Central High school until February 16th.

25-hundred middle and high school students will get to tour it.

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