Elkhart students get insight on the life and job of a firefighter

Want to be a firefighter?

A group of students studying to do that at the Elkhart Area Career Center got a first-hand look at the job Friday.

They took a tour at Central Fire station and talked with firefighters.

They learned about how things work inside the building and what goes on out in the field.

Much of what they've learned before today has been from text books and handouts.

"It gives them a chance to get their hands on the tools, and the equipment and kind of learn the trade a little bit and also to see the life of a fireman in a firehouse. It’s going to pique their interest a little bit more and we hope that they want to continue and possibly look at becoming a full time career firefighter,” said Assistant Chief, Steve Kamp.

He says the insight gained from the visit could help them decide if this is the right job for them.

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