Elkhart students raise money for classmates going to Riley Hospital for Children


Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras-- the day when some of us cut-loose and eat something we might give up during Lent.

A special Fat Tuesday bake sale was held at Saint Thomas the Apostle school cafeteria to benefit Riley Hospital for Children.

A large variety of cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other sugary treats all on sale.

Part of an annual service project by first, second and third graders.

Two students at Saint Thomas are going to Riley Hospital

“We feel very close to Riley Hospital, two of our classmates currently are using their services. This money is going to help a classmate, someone they care deeply about,” said Second Grade teacher, Tish Wilsey.

The students taking part in the bake sale say it is special for them on a number of different levels-- one they know that it is better to give then receive and they also know they are helping several of their classmates.

“I feel really glad to help people that need help. We can help them by raising money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital,” said Lilyann Maxwell.

"We're making chocolate, we’re making cupcakes to help raise money for the hospital,” said Third Grader Charles Madden.

Customers also benefit.

“We call today Fat Tuesday because it’s kind of like a last hurrah before Lent starts, so we get to eat sweets for the last time before maybe some of us are giving it up for Lent,” said Eighth Grader Jessica Dibley.

Students raised over $600 total for the cause.

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