Elkhart students take part in International Day of Peace


Hundreds of local students took a page from the 1960’s and dressed up like hippies.

It was part of International Day of Peace-- which included efforts to deal with bullying.

More than 700 students from Pinewood Elementary took to the streets Monday. Many dressed in colorful tie-dye shirts, carrying signs, and chanting.

But it was all part of celebrating the International Day of Peace.

A day when staff talked with students about why bullying is wrong and friendship is important.

The school dubbed the day Hippie Peace Day and took a lap around nearby walker park.

“They were all into the groovy and the peace and the flowers and so we just thought that it would be fun to kind of tie in a Hippie Day of Peace with our celebration of International Day of Peace and then kick off our anti-bullying program,” said Principal Mindy Shaw.

Part of the message to them was the importance of peace in their lives.

“We talk about how peace means absence of threat and feeling safe, we want them to be safe at Pinewood and have a safe comfortable environment to learn in,” said Shaw.

Students talking part in the walk said they aren’t exactly sure what a hippie is, what they do or why they dress the way they did, but knew being a part of that and dressing like one added fun to the event they were involved in.

It helps get the message across to them, about being a good person.

“Because its just telling about joy and its telling you not to be a bully, and stuff,” said second grader, Spencer Leininger.

Many, especially liked the bright colored clothing.

“I like them because they are rainbow colors, you can just see them a lot, and it’s fun doing this,” said second grader,” said Lucy Smith-Fletcher.

Students got a chance to take with them, the message about being kind to one another.

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