Elkhart students take part in leadership summit


Around 100-students from six Elkhart County High Schools took part in a unique one-day leadership summit.

It wasn't a sit-down, classroom event-- but got them up and moving.

The leadership summit took students to new heights. They tackled obstacle courses, where they learned about courage, overcoming fears, and the value of not giving up.

It was at held at the Five Star Life Summit Facilities in Union, Michigan. It was hosted by Elkhart Schools.

“To cultivate leaders who are already leaders in their buildings, to take them to the next level. There are several things that our students will engage in today that will test them,” said Dr. Rob Haworth.

The different courses that were supervised by the Five Star staff and coaches helped them raise their confidence levels and taught them the value of sacrifice and integrity.

“Jumping down with just a harness on, it’s a little scary. And you have to take all that courage in your body just to take a step like a leap of faith,” said senior, Hannan Hakim.

For some, it was the first time they had been involved in something like this.

“This being my first year, I was really excited to get here and take on all of the challenges that they give you here. If you just push yourself into things and like trust people that are with you there, then you will get through everything,” said junior, Shelby Buss.

“I think we all have our separate roles that we play in every situation, whether it be sports, school, band, anything. And this is just a great way to show and learn a lot about leadership, new lessons with each obstacle,” said senior, Olivya Beathea.

Students also took part in archery and boating activities.

The summit was made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation of Elkhart County.

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