Elkhart teachers get new space to collaborate

A non-profit group is giving Elkhart teachers a little help. It's paying for a brand new Professional Learning Center.

It’s a dream come true for many teachers in the Elkhart school district. They now have their own room to collaborate with other colleagues.

It's in a space in the administration building that had been used as a music library and storage space.

The non-profit group the Elkhart Education Foundation made it happen.

“We want our teachers to have a place they can come, collaborate and be inspired to create innovative and creative lessons for our students,” said Ashely Molyneaux with the Education Foundation.

The foundation worked with the school district to design, pay for and implement the center.

“We were able to go to several donors and as part of our event money that we make through fundraising, we put together $10,000 that was necessary to redesign and re-imagine a space that teachers can call their own for professional development,” said Molyneaux.

It includes a lot of new technology for the center.

In many cases, until now, teachers would have to find available space to collaborate and compare notes on educational issues, activities and programs, now they have a dedicated space to call their own.

All teachers at all 20 schools in the district can use it.

"As a teacher, I know what I need for my development and that’s things like technology and some space to come in and work with people, its flexible, we can move around we can use different areas of the room to do different things,” said teacher Brian Bennett.

“Image it’s sort of their clubhouse, a place they can come to do the work they need to do,” said Molyneaux.

The center can up hold to 60 teachers at a time.

It's booked until May.

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