Event held Friday to support Human Trafficking Awareness Day

The Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force is holding an event Friday. // WSBT 22 photo

This is Human Trafficking Awareness month and January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

The Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force is holding an event Friday. It's to raise awareness to the cause and raise money to fight human trafficking.

WSBT 22 spoke to the founder of the organization. She said there's a lot of misinformation when it comes to human trafficking.

Cathy Knauf says one myth is traffickers most often kidnap people at a store. Typically, she says, they'll prey on their victims online and meet them at a location.

Another assumption is human trafficking is almost always about being forced into sex or prostitution.

It turns out victims are also often sold or put into forced labor.

The founder of the task force says knowing more about this problem is going to help save lives in the future.

“To learn the truth and to learn the warning signs, so we can help stop it,” said Knauf. “It’s not cancer we’re not looking for a cure. We know the cure. You stop the demand, so that’s what we need to do we need to stop the demand.”

The public information event is Friday from 6 to 10 at Watermark Brewing Company.

Part of the proceeds from what you order there will go to human trafficking awareness.

There will also be merchandise you can purchase from the task force that also goes toward awareness.

It's also important to wear blue Friday in support of a campaign to end human trafficking.

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