Road crews talk about patching efforts for pesky potholes

    Road crews talk about patching efforts for pesky potholes. // WSBT 22 photo

    Below freezing at night and above it during the day, that’s what we’re expected to see in the coming days. This weather pattern is ideal for potholes.

    INDOT and MDOT crews are aware of the forecast and that means they will be out looking for them and patching them up.

    INDOT Northwest reports it’s been able to keep up repairs in the South Bend area in recent days and right now “there are no major problem areas.”

    Crews are using a cold mix to patch up potholes. It can work well in some spots, but the water and frost still in the ground can break it down.

    The hot mix, considered a more permanent solution, won’t be available until asphalt plants get fired up. That’s expected to happen within the next couple of weeks, for sure by the middle of April.

    “Now the construction season is really ramping up here over the next, really it’s kind of started already,” said Adam Parkhouse, INDOT Northwest media relations. “But even over the next month as my projects are getting going, so there’s going to be more of a demand for that hot mix asphalt. So we expect to have access to that or sooner than later.”

    “What we are really looking for I think, it’s for the frost to be out of the ground,” said Nick Schirripa, MDOT spokesman. “We need everything to be started and start to dry a little. We all know kind of that first point in the spring where it’s all muddy and soggy – just passed that, just a little bit drier than that.”

    MDOT weight restrictions for large trucks on state highways in Michigan’s lower peninsula just went into effect. Seasonal roads impacted are M62 between Cassopolis and Dowagiac and M140 from north of Niles to Eau Claire. To learn more, click here.

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