Expert talks about why gas prices in St. Joseph County skyrocketed 30 cents overnight

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    Gas prices around the area shot up 30 cents overnight.

    The price for regular gas jumped to 2.69 or higher in St. Joseph County.

    Patrick DeHaan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at, says gas prices in Indiana tend to cycle.

    Stations compete in price wars that drive costs down, but only for so long. After a few weeks, they jump back up to where they should have been.

    “Why prices are slowly going up each time that happens is because we’re in the spring months,” said DeHaan. “Wholesale gas prices are shooting up because refineries are doing maintenance and they’re not producing as much gasoline, and we’re also transitioning to cleaner, more expensive gasoline ahead of the summer driving season.”

    DeHaan also says part of the reason prices were so cheap is because refineries need to get rid of the winter supply of gas.

    That supply won't keep until next year, so they're forced to sell it at a discount. Now refineries are moving on to the cleaner -- but more expensive -- spring and summer blends.

    But even with these sudden price jumps, not everyone cares.

    “The gas prices don’t really affect me,” said Lisa Burzloff, local customer. “I don’t do much traveling, but I’m sure those that do traveling, it does affect them. People with the SUVs and stuff like that. I’m sure it’s going to affect them.”

    Local gas stations saw jumps to $2.69 in the past 24 hours.

    Something to keep in mind: DeHaan said March is usually the start of rising gas prices throughout the country.

    The good news is St. Joseph County usually follows state gas price trends.

    Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana tend to have higher prices on average.

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