Fact Finder: Criminal code for creating a pipe bomb

Multiple pipe bombs found in the area// WSBT 22

There have been five pipe bombs found in a two-week period around the area.

Elkhart County police are investigating one found just south of Goshen. Indiana State Police are investigating two found north of Plymouth.

Those were in or near mailboxes.

Now, two more were found near several businesses in Mishawaka.

There are a lot of questions about these pipe bombs and the investigations.

If the culprit(s) is found they will be charged under the same criminal code. A charge of a destructive device with the intent to kill or injure. That charge could land someone in prison anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

"When you look at what these are, and you look at how they're put together, and what it is this is... it's something that was obviously set there to cause destruction and potentially harm to an individual,” said Elkhart Police Sergeant Chris Snyder.

Nelson Chipman the Marshall County Proseuctor says investigators are looking into why someone would want to do this.

"Right now, we are at a loss as to what the intent and what the purpose of these devices,” said Chipman.

Though what's clear, is that both police and prosecutors take these bombs very seriously.

"Putting together a device such as that, with the intent of injuring or killing someone or actually even damaging property is a Level 2 Felony,” said Chipman.

Sgt. Snyder says you need to know what to look for.

"These are pretty specific, you know, you're looking at a piece of pipe and probably the most telling thing is a fuse that's coming out of it,” he said.

He says if you see something like that, get as far away as you can and call the police.

While those involved are thankful no one is hurt, they're hoping to catch whoever is responsible before another one pops up.

"It's not something that’s controlled. You don't know where those pieces are going to go, you don't know how big of an explosion is going to happen, is it going to be something that blows up and damages a mailbox? Or is going to be something that blows up and damages a vehicle,” Snyder said.

While creating and placing a pipe bomb in a public area is a Level 2 Felony, punishable by 10 to 30 years in jail; If that pipe bomb goes off and ends up hurting or killing someone-- that's a murder charge.

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