Falling boulder injures 4 Goshen Middle School students on Colorado hike

Alison Sapp // Photo provided

A close call for some Goshen Middle School students hiking in Colorado. As they were heading up a mountain summit, a boulder described as the size of a small refrigerator fell on them.

Four students were injured, including a girl who lost part of her fingertips. We talked with her dad today.

And as WSBT 22 Elkhart County reporter Ed Ernstes tells us, he has high praise for those who stepped in to help.

20 students who graduated from Goshen Middle School were on a trip to Colorado with four adult chaperones.

The group took part in hiking, backpacking and traveling the wilderness.

One of the students was Alison Sapp, daughter of Brian and Brandi Sapp of Goshen. She was there with her twin brother.

“They were hiking along, and a boulder came down and hit my daughter and it took off three of her finger tips and then it hit a couple of other children,” said Brian Sapp. “One had a broken arm, one had been hit in the head and the other one has some bumps and bruises.”

He said that thanks belongs to God, that the situation was not as bad as it could have been, that the teachers leading the group were there to take care of the students, and that there were also some nearby hikers who lent medical help and helped get the students down the mountain.

“One of those hikers was a nurse. a big thanks to everyone who helped out...students, teachers, and first responders…everybody was a trooper, everybody just did what they needed to do to help and just be supportive to everybody else.”

As a parent, he was very thankful

“It just brings some comfort to me as a parent to know that even in tough times like this, things were going as smoothly as possible. Everybody was doing what they needed to do.”

His daughter underwent surgery for the loss of her fingertips. The family is expected to be back in town soon.

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