Family of 12-year-old thanks officer for rescuing her from dog attack

Family of 12-year-old girl thanks officer for rescuing her from dog attack. // WSBT 22

A Michigan City family is thanking a police officer for helping save their daughter's life.

Officer Scott Combs wrestled a 140-pound dog off the 12-year-old before administering first aid.

The girl is now out of the hospital.

12-year-old Winter Morgan has undergone five surgeries since the dog attack, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The day can still be hard to talk about, but she wanted to make sure she was there to thank the man who helped save her.

"I'd rather not speak about it because every time," said Morgan.

"Calm down, it's OK, love," said Morgan’s mom, Ruth Hall.

November 10 is a day Morgan and Combs will never forget.

"When I first saw it, I'll be honest it was one of the most horrific things I've seen. It's something I was not prepared or trained for," said Combs.

Combs was responding to a call of a dog attack at Dunewood Mobile Homes. That's where he found a 140-pound bull mastiff attacking Morgan.

"I didn't have a whole lot of time to think. It was something that I had to act immediately," said Combs.

Those actions are now being recognized with the Lifesaving Award.

"Without hesitation, while risking his own safety, he grabbed the animal by the neck and head and wrestled the animal to the ground," said Chief Mark Swistek, Michigan City Police Department

Combs is also a licensed paramedic and was able to administer first aid.

"Officer Combs is an angel in disguise," said Hall.

Morgan and her family received a tour of where Combs works on less eventful days and Morgan left with an early Christmas present, a bicycle. Her smile is what everyone is most thankful for.

When asked what it’s like to see Morgan doing so well, Combs said "I don't have words to describe that. It's amazing."

"I'm just glad she's alive because my thought was that my child was not going to be my child or alive when I got there," said Hall.

The Bull Mastif named Daz was euthanized.

The investigation has been turned over to the La Porte County prosecutor to see if the dog's owner will face any charges.

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